DI Dadabhay Fabrics & Wool (formerly known as Dadabhay & Sons) is a family originated business which has been trading for 100+ years. Our rich history, deep legacy, and vibrant past have honed us into the thriving, responsive business we are today.

Originally Dadabhay & Sons had traded in a variety of products over the years,   DI Dadabhay has however, changed the focus of the core business based on the changes and needs of its clientele.  DI Dadabhay’s emphasis and focus is on customer service and meaningful, productive relationships established over the decades. This has enabled DI Dadabhay to withstand and overcome the economic challenges faced by many businesses through times of recession. In doing so, we have been able to continue to provide quality goods and services to wholesalers and retailers across the Southern African region as well as internationally. Currently the primary revenue driver of DI Dadabhay is found within its diverse variety of textile related items such as Khangas (traditional African scarves), indigo cloth (Isi Shwe-Shwe), linens, wools, cottons, and haberdashery.

Isi-shweshwe is primarily used within the African cultures for various traditional festivals and celebrations. Commonly known as indigo cloth, this pulsating and colourful material is an important part of Southern African culture. Its metamorphosis into more vibrant colours and intricate patterns has inspired designers to co-mingle art with modern and contemporary fashion design, reflecting the kaleidoscope of colours and history our country and region has become accustomed to and known for. Over the years, DI Dadabhay has become reputed in the business sector as a preferred and primary supplier of Isi-Shweshwe, by stocking and offering a wide and diverse choice of fabric in a variety of patterns and colours for clients to choose from.

Other products Dadabhay’s is famous for include our wide variety of wool ranging from one-ply to double knit and four ply. We also stock a wide variety of haberdashery items, which are popular with our customers both locally and internationally.

The strong, resilient thread running through DI Dadabhay’s business ethic and existence has always been our commitment to supporting our clients and stakeholders and enriching the life of the community at large. Our core values speak to family, social cohesion and commitment to service excellence. This dedication to social responsibility, community upliftment, and development has seen DI Dadabhay support various social and community outreach projects and charities, both nationally and internationally. Our dedication to worthy development causes is underpinned by our deep-seated value for human dignity, social justice as well as sustainable growth and development.

Over the last 20 years, DI Dadabhay has been, and remains, agile and flexible in our responsiveness to changes in the socio-economic climate affecting and influencing the business spheres in which we apply our trade. By applying our focus mainly within the textile and fabric industries, DI Dadabhay plans to continue growing sustainably and robustly over the next many decades.

Our Value Proposition

We are deeply committed and driven to providing our stakeholders with outstanding, value added services  to ensure continued sustainability


Establishing ourselves as leaders in the market through profitable and sustainable business practices


Service excellence – striving to maintain the highest levels of service excellence through; courteous, friendly and honest dealings with our customers

Driving results – tackling all tasks and projects with vigor and energy in order to further, individual, as well as, organisational goals

Promoting ethical and moral decision making – upholding the strong ethical and moral culture of the company within our actions and decisions

Social development and outreach – seeking to enhance the lives of the people and communities around us through various social outreach programs

Building meaningful relationships – developing and growing our relationships with customers in order to add value to their businesses and understand their needs